About Us

Welcome Harry Oppenheimer Agricultural High School

Our Mission and Vision

It is to provide lifelong quality education to our learners; for them to be independent, self-reliant, productive and disciplined citizens of our country.
 To provide quality education through quality human and physical resources;
 To promote productive, disciplined and innovative citizens of our country;
 To promote the culture to ownership to the property;
 To instil the value of responsibility, accountability & human dignity;
 To encourage parental support;
 To encourage cooperation between the stakeholders;
 To promote partnership between them school, NGO’s and other higher institutions of learning;
 To provide Agriculture and Agricultural Practices to the learners, educators and the communities and
 To encourage learners & educators’ participation in extra curricula activities


Harry Oppenheimer Agricultural High School initially was started by Sir Harry Oppenheimer as a donation to the then Lebowa government. It has metamorphosed several times until it became a Full Service school, offering education to persons, and in particular children, who has physical disabilities (i.e. mobility problems).

It was established as an ordinary Public school in 1982, aiming at equipping learners with Agricultural field of studies. The school started in 1996 as a Full Service school. Its former managements comprised of, Mr Conradie (Principal in 1982), Mr Matime P.M (Principal in 1984), Mr Maditsi N.W (Principal in 1985), Mr Madiba J.S (Principal in 1993), Mr Phalane M.G (Principal in 1996), Mr Moloto M.J (Principal in 2003) and presently Mr Mashala K.W (Principal in 2006). Feeder schools: Hellen Franz and, Tshilidzini Special Schools in Limpopo.


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